F.A.Q. for Royal

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F.A.Q. for Royal

Post by Admin on Tue May 26, 2015 10:53 am

Who are we?
We are a gaming community that play games together.
Where can you find us?
You can find us mostly playing SAMP, but on other games also.
How can i get a better rank?
You can get a better rank by being active, respecting the rules and helping other members
How can i get unbanned from the forum and/or join Royal again?
I you get banned you can send a PM to an admin ingame or somewhere else saying why you should be unnbaned.If you get kicked or leave the Royal community you will need to create an application again and wait for it to be reviewed by the Royal members.
How can i report someone?
If you see someone breaking the rules you can report him on the "Report players" forum and wait for it to be reviewed my the moderators and admins.


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